5 Reel Free Spins Slots

Every online gambling nerd knows that all slots can be divided into 2 large categories: out-of-date ones with 3 reels and contemporary with 5. Why do the providers choose such quantities, but not 4 or 6? Look for the answer in the historic events.

Centuries ago, people adored poker games and when Charles Fey created the gaming machines, they simply couldn’t perceive them as really risky and hazardous activities. It is obvious and true as they included only the images with the stars and horseshoes.

Where is the outreach to the adventures? Once the bandits had started appearing with the card suit pictures, the amount of the fans increased. The players noticed the usual poker combinations with 5 cards on the screens and emerged into the performance. This way the 5 reel types came into the sphere and boomed the virtual world.

Best 5 Reel Slot Games – How to Pick

The thrill connected with the adrenaline is typical to every hot gambler. It is especially about the activity in the virtual casino with free spins slots. The advanced technologies offer today the chance to amuse right from home with no need to roam on the streets on the look-out for the betting houses.

Now, you can find also different guides that can help choose the right place to play at. Our article is the tip-oriented piece for you to puzzle out the design, jackpots, stakes, providers and formats of the machines with 5 rollers.


When you meet the individual for the first time, you estimate his/her appearance and cloths style. What do you pay attention to, when you first enter the chance-taking activity? Is the comparison comprehensible? The design is the instrument for catching of the gambler’s eyes.

Thus, the suppliers make tremendous efforts to create something really presentable and good-looking, so that the thrill-seeker never skips it. There are many ideas for the design. Do you count it interesting? So, keep on reading!

Film Themed

Hey, people, is there somebody who dislikes watching movies? The epoch of the film haters has passed and now you can connect your love to the cinematography and desire to gamble. Movie themed machines count not a small arsenal. Soon, there will be not sufficient motion-pictures to design new bandits.

Marvel themed slots with 5 reels

Probably, you gotta test some of the next games with 5 reels: Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Bridesmaids, Terminator 2, Gladiator, Scarface, The Dark Knight Rises, Rango, The Mummy, Wizard of Oz and other amusements.


It’s too tedious when your life lacks the adventures. To make your schoolish every day existence more colorful and fill it with more emotions, we offer to check out some of the adventure online slots. Such theme seems to be exciting and many designers provide multiple activities on this topic.

Here is your choice: Noah’s Ark, Great Adventure, Treasure Hunter, Moby Dick, Temple of Fortune, The Voyages of Sinbad, 80 Day Adventure HD, Fortunes Of The Amazons, Viking’s Treasure, Capt. Quid’s Treasure Quest, Archibald Maya HD, etc.


Now, we will name the virtual gambling machines. You’ll guess what design category they belong to. Ok? The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Hitman, X-Men, Thor the Mighty Avenger, Hellboy, Blade, Dungeons and Dragons: Treasures of Icewind Dale and others.

No doubts, you know it’s Marvel. Some bandits with the subject of the celebrities are here: Frankie Dettori’s Magic 7, The Osbournes, Playboy, Top Trumps Celebs, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.


Jackpot. How many pleasant things are in a single word. We know it from the childhood and we understand exactly its meaning. Naturally, for today this knowledge is rather essential for the protagonists of the online slots with free spins. The operators of the betting portals created 2 types of this biggest prize – the progressive and the top one. The characteristics are below.


Each one-armed bandit on the net has 3 jackpots of the highest rate. The required symbol sets for these 3 are different. The player gets to bet maximally to obtain a lucky strike to become a winner.

The winning combinations are in the terms as any other info about additional options. Top presents are present in every entertainment with 5 reels.


The concept of this jackpot is simple. Every time when you throw the virtual coin, a tiny percent of it heads off to the total. When the progression begins, the operator arranges a strong protection system as the entries are too high.

Sometimes they approach several millions of dollars. The basic target of yours is to catch the established icons. That is 1 requirement. Also, sometimes there are random mechanisms with no exact demands.

Best online 5 reel machines


Your bets depend on the amount of the lines that you activate. If there is not 1, but more of them, so you multiply the stake by the quantity you’ve chosen. That is a high-up issue to remember. One more stuff is that you gotta decide how much cash you will to spend.

There are various pokie machines with various entries – it implies that when you are tight of money, you opt low rates, if you possess a long purse – go for the high rates.


Being with little cash in the pockets, you can’t afford spending too much on the virtual gambling. Especially for this matter, there are the penny games with 5 reels with the low bets.

You can act either with tiny deposits or even use the demo regimes where you take the digital coins, but not the real ones. Still, never forget about the quantity of the activated lines.

High Roller Bets

Such players don’t count their funds. They are the big bosses. We know them as the high rollers who make seriously high stakes. They are not left without the attention and will face the best variant anyway.

There are special slots where you can opt gambling with huge bets and limits. It is very favorable for the casino admins as the bigger the stake is, the more revenue they get. Pure logic.

Slot Machines Providers

All these delights that we have bandied about came not out of thin air. They have their inventors. In the hazardous environment we call them the soft gaming providers.

Their business resides in the design of numerous staking solutions – constant releases, new feature implementation, adhering to the new technologies. Microgaming, Betsoft, RealTime Gaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, Cryptologic – they are different, but have the identical aim.

5 Reel Slot Formats Security

Up to the date, not so many thrill-seekers play the desktop versions of the amusements. People move too much, so they need such format that will suit their lifestyle. Mobile applications or instant games are attainable for all active users.

Android tools and iOS gadgets are friendly with the 5 reel bandits. They are completely secure, so put your concerns aside and relax with favorite activities.